Regenerative Medicine Tampa Bay

Regenerative Medicine in Tampa Bay

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Damage to tissue or organs from injury or surgery can be healed by stem cell recruitment therapy along with regenerative medicine. The process is so powerful that cases of conditions beyond repair have been healed and the organ or tissue is back to normal function. Age can also be a large factor to how fast your body can heal. However, with regenerative medicine age is no longer a factor of how quickly your body can heal.

How does Regenerative Medicine work?

There are three processes that are related

  1. Rejuvenation – The ability for the human body to heal itself naturally. Although your skin may heal after a small injury, other organs may not heal as fast or at all. However, there are studies that show specialized cells found in the nerves, lungs, and heart retains some ability to naturally heal. These studies are the bases of organ rejuvenation medicine.
  2. Replacement – Using organs, healthy cells or tissues from an organ donor to replace damaged ones. Liver and organ transplants are most common.
  3. Regeneration – Where directing certain types of cells to diseased organs or tissues to restore normal function. This is performed by stem cell therapy. Bone marrow transplants are the most common.