Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow Joint Injections for Pain and Arthritis

Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow Joint Injections for Pain and Arthritis

Knee Joint Injections

Knee pain due to injury or arthritis can limit your mobility and cause great strain on the rest of your body. However, with an x-ray guided treatment you can be back on your feet in no time. The procedure injects medication on the exact point where the damage or pain is coming from by using a constant x-ray image. The success of this procedure is very high and recovery is almost non-existent.

Hip Joint Injections

Arthritis in your hips can cause the bones to rub together resulting in great pain while doing regular activities. Injury from an accident can also cause the cartilage found in your hips to be damaged. However, an x-ray guided procedure can accurately place medication in the correct location to provide relief and heal the injured joint. Original function of your hip, pain free, is very common.

Shoulder Joint Injections

Damage to the shoulder or arthritis in the shoulder can tension between joints causing a great deal of pain. Injury can also occur during sports or even lifting everyday objects. Fluoroscopy, x-ray guidance can be used on the shoulder where the damage or pain is located. The doctor administering the injection, in real time, eliminating any miscalculations, can see using x-ray technology the location of where the medication is being inserted.  

Elbow Joint Injections

Elbow injuries are very common and could come in the form of tennis elbow, olecranon fracture, distal humerus fracture, bursitis, biceps tendon tear, and dislocations. Arthritis found in the elbow joints is also common. However, there is a pain free solution with minimal recovery and no rehabilitation. Fluoroscopy, x-ray guidance can be used to inject the exact joint with medication where the damage is occurring to heal and restore the elbow back to normal function.